If you see that your girl gradually begins to gain weight, don’t let her go too far and wait until her extra pounds become obvious. It is easier to rectify the situation before it becomes completely hopeless, and she becomes one of those overweight single women. In the future, she will thank you for this. If you start to sound the alarm after a couple of unwanted pounds, she will lose weight in a month. But it will be much more difficult to lose 10-15 pounds that she has been gaining for many years.

  1. Buy her healthy food

At the initial stage, everything is quite simple, and you don’t even need to think how to make a girl lose weight: just stop spoiling her with chocolates and switch from the evening pizza in front of the TV to fruit or at least sushi.

  1. Set an example

Any of your hints that it is time to take care of herself will be taken with hostility if she can reproach you at least for something. That’s why you should be perfect: try to lead the right lifestyle, work on yourself, and don’t let your abs grow into a beer belly. In fact, even your excellent appearance should give a girl enough motivation to keep herself in shape. If not, think – maybe you’re too far from being perfect? If you yourself understand it, you will start living a good life together.

  1. Make her engaged in sport

Any, even the most slender body, is not so good if not emphasized with reliefs of muscles and nice buttocks. This will not be achieved without exercises. Make her engaged in some sports activities to make her body perfect! Unfortunately, only one out of a hundred girls truly love sports, and the remaining 99 consider it a duty, like physical education lessons at school. What to do? Break stereotypes. First, choose a sports pastime: instead of watching a TV show, get her roller skating; instead of a romantic dinner, plan a no less romantic bike ride night. And if she is not afraid of pain, then take her with you to play paintball. Another option is to buy her a prestigious fitness club membership. Such a gift is equivalent to a new phone, but it performs much more useful functions: physical activity at least 3 times a week.

  1. Cause the right jealousy

A great way to make a girl lose weight is to cause a burning feeling of jealousy and female rivalry. Short stories about co-workers and hot looks on passing girls are not the best options – you need other measures here. For example, if you start looking at the opposite sex, she will give up and have to compensate for her low self-esteem with a chocolate bar. This option is not the best, right? Just tell her how her friend lost weight or, even better – take her to a beach full of slender beauties. You’ll see: female competition is such a terrible force that it will make her do turbo sit-ups every evening. And there’s one more, perhaps, the main secret: if you want to make a girl lose weight, don’t criticize her appearance and body no matter how bad the situation is. Love her, and she will try to be perfect for you. Then the question of how to make a girl lose weight simply will not arise.


My name is Anna Bennett. I am a nutritionist from Boston. I adore my profession and my clients, and every person is unique for me. As a professional with many years of experience, I constantly face the problem of overweight. People who cannot get rid of extra pounds contact me for consultation. But I am convinced that most of the failures in losing weight lie in an unfavourable psycho-emotional background. Therefore, first of all, if you have a problem, you need to start with positive thoughts and love. With this approach, even this problem will be easily solved.