After going through several reviews of the volcano vaporizer you thought to yourself about giving the vaporizer a try, but now that you have it in your hand you are in a fix about how to use the product! You have the marijuana and other plant materials ready to be used, but you are finding it difficult to get started with it. Volcano vaporizer is considered one of the best vaporizers because it doesn’t kill the taste, rather you can enjoy the smoke without the harmful toxins that are associated with it. It has been in the business for almost a decade now and is known for its quality vapor all this while. You will be witnessing a new high in your vaping experience through this volcano vaporizer.

Why Volcano vaporizer over others?

If you are questioning yourself about the selection of volcano vaporizer over others, then here is one good reason for that. You can enjoy your smoke without affecting your health in a bad way. If you are a chain smoker who is looking forward to quit smoking, then volcano vaporizer is a perfect option for that. It helps you stay away from the harmful side effects of smoking and still enjoy the highs. The vaporizers don’t produce any smoke or any harmful chemical. So, more and more people are trying out the volcano vaporizers for enjoying their smoke.

Volcano Vaporizer models

Two types of volcano vaporizers are available in the market, one is the Volcano Digital and the other one is the volcano classic. Let’s start with the usage of the volcano classic.

The volcano classic doesn’t have the digital display, so it is much cheaper than the Volcano digital. When you are using the vaporizer, the first thing that you have to do is set the temperature that is required to create the mist. If you set the temperature dial between 6 and 7, then you will get the perfect vapor production. Once the temperature is set, switch on the Heat button and yellow light will turn on. It indicates that the operation has started and when the heat reaches the required level you unscrew the chamber from the top and put the grounded herbs in the metal cylinder. When the yellow light gets switched off automatically after reaching the optimum level, you can place the blend chamber on the device’s top. Take away the mouthpiece from the bag and place it on the chamber’s top to fill up the vapor bag with vapor. It will take 30 seconds to fill the bag with vapor. Now attach the mouthpiece back to the bag and start inhaling.

Volcano digital

Turn on the “heat” button of the volcano digital, which has a digital display for the users benefit. Preheat the vaporizer for 2-3 minutes before heating up the herbs at a required temperature level. Now put the ground herbs in the filling chamber and attach the valve balloon. Once the balloon is filled with vapor you can take out the balloon and put the mouthpiece instead.