How to use Firefox OS on your Windows/MAC/Linux OS?

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Mozilla is an Organization which produces Open Source Application such as Firefox, Thunderbird etc. and currently preparing himself for the battle to the Mobile Operating System named as Firefox OS. Currently this OS in running on two mobile phones. So the mobile community users are waiting to try this new OS.

If you are not a Developer of Firefox OS and still want to try this OS on your PC then you can download it, simulate it and use this new Mobile OS on your PC.

If you have a FirefoxBrowser installed on your PC then it’s well and good else you can download it from here. Once you are ready with the Browser run it and go to Tools –> Add-ons.

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You can see the Add-on manager on the page. And search for Firefox Simulator in the search box in the Top right of the page. You can find Firefox OS Simulator 2.x.x , click on it and you will get an Install button from there. The file will be more than 60MB of size so it will take some time to download.

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After installing it GOTO Tools –> Web Developer –> Firefox OS Simulator.

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Now you will find the simulator Status as Stopped, just make it Running. Now you have done.

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You can start the Firefox OS on your PC and try it because it has already entered the war of Smartphones.

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