Are you thinking to buy a new keyboard to type ₹      Indian Rupee symbol?

Here are a few steps following which you can type ₹ from your existing keyboard.

  1. Download Rupee symbol installer file and extract the files on your PC.
  2. Open Rupee installer.exe file and follow the instructions to install it. This will add four new fonts on your PC.
  3. Now double click Keyboard install.exe file and install this also on your PC. Installation of this file will add a small keyboard icon in the language bar available in task bar.
  4. Right click on the keyboard icon in the task bar and click settings. Select Rupee Foradian Keyboard Layout as the default input language.
  5. Apply the settings and save.

Now you are ready to type  ₹ (Rupee symbol) using grave accent key from your keyboard.

If you select Rupee Foradian Standard Font as default in your web browser then you will be able to type this symbol in Gmail as well as other web applications.

Select Rupee Foradian Standard font in Microsoft Word to type Indian Rupee symbol ₹.


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