All small businesses share the same challenge: visibility. If you cannot be found, then you will have a hard time making new customers. Increasing brand awareness is the only way for your small business to succeed, and to even eventually expand. Don’t rely solely on traditional methods, and definitely, don’t believe in the “build it and they will come” mantra. Finding a place in this world is difficult enough – don’t make it even more difficult by not putting effort into marketing yourself. Instead, follow these steps to increase your brand awareness, today:

  1. Be Online

One of the biggest mistakes any small business can make is by not putting their business online. By not existing online your credibility is already in question by the younger generations. Not to mention, even if you do get a sale, if your place of business isn’t online then that customer will have a hard time ever finding you again. Do this by going onto Google maps and adding a missing place, creating or claiming a Facebook page, a TripAdvisor entry, Yelp, or any other business listing option. Ensure that all the business information is correct, and you’re already well on your way to becoming more visible.

  1. Have a Website

Having a website is useful for many reasons. They let you share all the relevant information with your customers, they allow you to share this information in a layout and theme that captures the essence of your business, and they can increase your brand awareness. Use SEO techniques to increase your website’s Google page ranking so that when people search for you, they can find you! Having your business listed on those business listing options is already a great first step.

  1. Market Yourself

You need to have a consistent and memorable brand image that people will associate with your company. This brand image needs to be clear across the Internet and reality. For instance, you can use the branding on your website as a cohesive and complimentary marketing technique by putting branding on Mercedes commercial vehicles. Using your company car to advertise is a great way to introduce yourself to your neighborhood, and seeing the same branding on the car on your website will make you more trustworthy.

  1. Have Referral Programs

The best marketing method is by word-of-mouth. This means that your happy customers rave about you and your service to their friends and family. Capitalize on this marketing technique by giving your customers an incentive to refer you to their friends and family. This could be a discount, a free item, or anything you think of. The extra customers you make will be well worth it. Remember, referral programs apply to both real life and online!

Increasing brand awareness has two main branches. It means becoming more well-known in your neighborhood, and it means increasing your online presence. Most people search for and choose the brands they use online, where they can get all the information they need in one go. Build up your online presence and credibility, and ensure that your online presence and your physical presence match.