Le VPN: Protect your Online Footprints

Le VPN provides you servers all over the world, a robust encryption and range of protocols. It is one of the best in its category and is more preferred by a user. It has a fantastic server coverage in 114 countries in all of the five continents all over the world. It is further made better due to its HybridVPN service, which is a mix of a SmartDNS and a VPN connection.

Le VPN is a French word that means “The VPN.” It offers incredible speed and service pointing that is beyond the used VPN. It provides you with something more than providing the VPN connections. If you like to be entertained via TV, then it has got a SmartDNS asset with it. Also, it is a great VPN to unblock YouTube videos. It supports most of now day’s operating system be it iOS or Android. Now lets talk about some of its features:


Le VPN is something you must opt for with some amazing features. Due to its excellent features, people all over the world prefer this service for their personal use. It has some of the great features, which are not available in others. Here is a list of these functions:

One of the main features is its extensive service that means it provides you more than just a standard VPN package.

  • VPN servers network in 114 countries.
  • Unlimited bandwidth for any type of online activities.
  • If you are not based in the UK, France, or the US but are a user of Le VPN, then you have access to the TV streaming services of these countries via SmartDNS and HybridVPN.Str
  • Strong encryption and different security protocols for you maximum online safety from anywhere in the world.
  • Compatible with all major operating systems and devices, including iOS and Android phones.
  • The only drawback of its subscription is that requires payment.

Price plans:

First thing comes to taking something is its cost. In this era, everyone wants to get the best with spending little. Everyone nowadays looks for something that they can get for free.  Le VPN doesn’t provide you with a free trial and needs to be a paid subscription.

It can cost you differently according to your period of subscription: it can cost you a$9.95 when subscribed for a month or the price can go down to $4.95 for a month if paid for a year. So now you can plan your subscription accordingly.

Pros & Con’s:


  • Provides you with an amazing connection speed.
  • It is the best iPhone VPN and therefore, it is strongly recommended for iPhone users.
  • It has an extensive knowledgebase available to all clients.
  • It has a 24/7 customer support which is quite helpful.
  • There is a money back guarantee within seven days.
  • It does not save users’ traffic logs, hence full-fledged anonymity.


It doesn’t come with a free trial but its subscription plans are quite affordable and you won’t be disappointed trying it out straightaway.

Signing up Process:

You need to follow these steps when signing up for it:

  • First you need to provide your email id.
  • A password must be chosen by the user.
  • You need to confirm a mode of payment.
  • No other personal information is required.
  • You can even edit your profile and make changes to the personal details you entered previously.
  • After it’s done then you will receive an email regarding your user id and password and along with it a link to have a quick start guide.


Due to its VPN and SmartDNS features, Le VPN is one of the best out there for you. You can optimize the use of some of your apps and streaming services with the help of it. Also, the company is known for its excellent and prompt customer support, hence you can connect with them anytime and anywhere.