PPC advertising is where Google makes the most of its profit and for a lot of businesses; it isn’t enough to implement SEO only.  If your Toronto business website ranks well but you still struggle to keep your paid ads on the first page, you might want to consider coming up with a SEM strategy or outsource to a company like the Majesticsem in Toronto.


SEM or search engine marketing brings together specific steps to increase relevant and targeted traffic to your site through ranking your site up there in search engines. In the past, SEM was a combination of two processes which were SEO or organic search engine optimization and PPC or Pay-Per-Click advertising. These days, it is expanding and changing due to enhanced new developments like:

Placement Targeting through Google AdWords

Google’s interface enables marketers to take advantage of placement advertising.  This means that PPC advertising is no longer limited to search engines alone but rather can be spread across the entire Internet.

SMM or Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is often seen as part of SEM and includes using sites like Facebook, Twitter, Delicious and YouTube.  These sites have search fields and through linking, pass authority onto sites. By placing your links and content on these social sites, you will increase your influence and reach in search engine queries. Social media marketing is growing rapidly in the Internet marketing industry.

Budgeting & Strategy

Create a SEM strategy that is comprehensive and includes link building, on-page optimization, submission, PPC advertising, content marketing and other various channels of online promotion. Then come up with a budget for the implementation and continuous management of these campaigns.

Content Marketing

Paid marketing is fine and very effective; however, you need a solid content marketing strategy to enhance your PPC efforts.  Content marketing is the process of sharing valuable information to the community and your customers in the form of videos, blog posts, how-to-guides, eBooks, white papers, case studies, question and answer articles and more.  By branding yourself as a valuable online resource and expert in your industry, you will build trust with your consumers and be rewarded financially by bolstering rankings, crowding search results and driving targeted prospects to your site. Professional SEM services like Majesticsem in Toronto can help you to craft up an effective and manageable content strategy.

When your time is more valuable spent running your business, hiring a professional really makes sense. However, there are certain things to look for when searching for the perfect professions. It can really be a daunting task and you should have confidence in the company that they know exactly what they are doing and are ready to explain what their plans are for your site upon your request.

In some cases, priorities and strategies do not return the results you want in your SEM campaign.  In these cases, the professionals you work with should have no problem stressing transparency in their customer relationships and will be able to admit when something is not working.

Your success should be priority and crucial for the company’s success.  They should implement daily campaign management to keep budget loss at a low.  They should not think twice about pausing a dead campaign and contacting their customers to explain what is going wrong and why they should start from the beginning rather than letting their media spend go to waste.

Also, the reports they provide should reflect this transparency.  They should provide some type of action plan in their monthly reports and how they plan on improving your SEM campaign to increase website traffic and conversions.