You must have your Email ID as [email protected] or [email protected] . Today  I m going to tell you about new email service provider using which you can get your email id as [email protected]”..

This is and webportal named as  “India Webportal Private Limited” which is a joint venture between “ Media Corporation” and “Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd”.

Visit the site . You can view the site in Eng , Hindi and Tamil.

Here you have to create an account to get the email as [email protected]

After creating the ID you visit to check your mail.

You will get 10gb of free space after creating the account.

The following websites are part of family but are not limited to:

You can also integrate facebook and twitter also.

My friend Ashik Nesin made an account in this but his review was “Frankly its not good as yahoo or”

I suggest all my dear Friends to make an Account in this new mail service provider..



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