Apps for all ages is the motto of app developers and the reason why you will find apps that suit different age groups. As there are apps for young people there are also many apps that can be beneficial for older people especially senior citizens. The apps are meant to support the lifestyle of senior citizens who are in need of different kinds of assistances in daily life. Most of it is related to maintaining good health and provides necessary assistance to live healthy and safe.  Seniors who are comfortable in using technological gadgets can make good use of these apps, some of which have been discussed in this post.


Seniors have to depend on medicines and taking it regularly is important for staying healthy. Multiple pills might have to be taken at different times of the day and remembering about the schedule is almost next to impossible. This app reminds you about medications once the timings have been set up.

iBP Blood Pressure

Those who have to monitor blood pressure regularly at frequent intervals would find this app handy. It is easy to measure and analyze blood pressure over a fixed time period. However, besides the phone you will need a separate monitor to display the results.

Fall detector

Falling can be dangerous for older people especially if it goes unnoticed and remains undetected. This app is very useful for those engaged in home care in Connecticut as they will come to know whether the person has fallen or not by being alerted by the app when there is no movement for a long time.


Staying informed in all matters of health is what elderly people would be interested in and this website is not only informative but provides useful tips that promote good health.  Know about the health issues by using this app.

Identify thebest medical alarm system

Medical alert systems are very important for elders who stay alone. Choosing the right system is as much important as having one. This app provides complete comparison of the medical systems available to help in selecting the right one.


Those with partial vision will find this app helpful. Users can ask questions on their phone that will be responded with multiple voice answers. You can even take a photo with the phone to aid you in getting the right answer.

Motion Doctor

Physical therapy is essential for rehabilitation programs for people of all ages who undergo treatment for physical injury. This app provides assistance and guide related to physical therapy that aids the process of recovery without seeking human assistance.

Words with Friends

Those who love the game of Scrabble will find this app very attractive. This online deluxe version of this scrabble game is highly popular even among aged people.

Dragon Dictation

This app can recognize voice speech and convert it into text messages. Just speak out what you want to communicate and see how the message gets created in text. Those who find difficulty in typing can use this app in meeting their texting needs.

About the author – John Conrad is an app developer who takes special interest in health apps. He keeps on interacting with senior citizens to understand their needs that help in discovering new apps. He blogs regularly with the purpose of educating and sharing updated information. He is closely connected to some companies in home care in Connecticut who takes interest in health apps.