Free proxies seem to be the best option, but they could also be unreliable; that’s why your device might become prone to security breaches. So, think twice when choosing the proxy type for your laptop or a mobile device.

Free proxies are unreliable

When your free proxy becomes unreliable, there could be some connectivity issues. And you’ll have to look for another one when one of the free proxies doesn’t work. People use proxies to protect their privacy. Free ones are not as private as you might think of them.

Providers of free proxies have access to your browsing history. Some free proxy providers might gather personal information and show you targeted ads based on that information afterward. This thing impacts your load time as well.

Paid proxies come with an increased anonymity

When you use paid proxies you get better anonymity. So, you get a better level of protection when you use paid proxies. In this way, nobody would be able to track your website logs.

Companies that provide their users with paid private proxies take care of almost every issue that might arise. You get an increased load speed and UX as far as proxies go.

But remember that when you use shared proxies it might also impact the load speed.

OnlineSIM is the best provider of mobile proxies

OnlineSIM offers residential mobile proxies without bans and captchas 99% of the time. You can get proxies from 500 mobile carriers that are based in 150 countries.

The targeting option allows you to set it up to the city level.

OnlineSIM has more than 60 million IP addresses on its list. On the OnlineSIM website, you can try out free proxies. Purchase residential proxies, and you will be able to create a vast number of accounts on any social media, manually or using various bots. It is handy for affiliate marketing since specialists in this field often run into different kinds of issues, such as being banned from advertising platforms and censorship.

Your IP addresses change regularly, so websites identify this as requests from real users. It looks like a person was on public transportation, moving quickly from one mobile station to another. In this case, when IP addresses change pretty quickly, literally every few minutes. So, detecting both and tell them from a real user is a challenging task.

You can buy reliable mobile proxies from OnlineSIM company. It is a trustworthy company, and not an expensive one either. Such advantages as regular changing IPs and a long list of mobile carriers from various locations go a long way.