Whenever I use Print-screen or whenever I need to send any Image online I mostly get confused that which format I must save the file so that I can get the best quality and the that to in small size. When we save an Image we can save it in many different formats such as JPEG, PNG, GIF and many other format. Now I am going to tell you the best format in which we can save the image so that it will consume less size and will have greater quality.

Before telling anything first let me tell you the Basic Difference between JPEG and PNG– Here is a illustration which will show you the basic difference of both.


So which Format we will use –

PNG  (Portable Network Graphics ) is the most commonly used format in the internet and is a Lossless compress format. This is a good choice for storing drawings and iconic graphics. 

JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) is a loosy file format. It helps us to store photos at a smaller size than BMP. It is used because it comes in a compressed format. It also helps to store drawings but is not used in the web because of its looseness.

GIF (Graphics Interchange Format ) consist of limited color of 256 and is also a lossless compression format and is also the common choice in the internet.

I want to show another photograph which shows that difference between the photo of JPEG , PNG and GIF format-

So finally we got a conclusion that PNG is the best format of storing images as it is lossless and consumes less memory. Most of the Bloggers and Publishers use PNG format due to its High Quality.


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