The benefits of a fleet reporting system is something that all self-respecting transport companies should be keen to instigate. Not for you the slap-dash, incongruous ambiguity of a spreadsheet and a colour-coded map using highlighter pens. You need something more fitting, more professional. As with any trade, the tools you use are what shape your progress. Are you overseeing a fleet of vehicles and drivers, in order to ensure that your business delivers in the way your customers expect?

Then you’ll be keen to ensure that you have a great overview of your fleet and salient information at your fingertips. Commercial fleet tracking has come into its own in the last twenty years as Global Positioning Systems or GPS technology has come on-stream.

Once the preserve of governments and the military, millions of commercial and civil users now have GPS capability across the globe. Nowadays GPS has so many different applications among them air traffic control systems and in-car navigation. GPS assists major communications networks, banking, financial markets, farming, construction, mining, power supply and delivery networks among others.

If you use an iPhone or any kind of Android phone, then you will be using GPS even if you didn’t know you were. The applications are as numerous as they are varied. The systems weren’t always accurate or reliable, but now they put vital information at your disposal.

Monitor vehicle location using satellite views, and ensure drivers are provided with up-to-the-minute information on traffic situations and route plans. Data allows you can to keep an eye on driver performance and fuel usage. Have they stopped at MacDonald’s for an extended lunch?

You’ll also have the ability to fine-tune routes and maximise your efficiency, and by closely monitoring fuel usage and costs, there are savings to be made. All the information is easily accessed via an internet connection. No special training is required as the user interface is easy to use.

In doing so, you can increase your productivity and make savings by employing suitable fleet tracking solutions.

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