If you are under the expression that you are being cheated on, then it’s hard to cope with such thoughts. But it’s best if you confirm your suspicion and see whether you are right or wrong. With that said, following we are giving a brief guide that will help you do it.

First, we will start with a built-in option; you don’t have to try your luck with a premium option, like Cocospy. You can easily suffice your needs with the Parental Control Options come built-in the iOS.

Parental Control

How can I track my husband’s cell phone without him knowing and for free? Don’t worry, you can easily find it out by using Cocospy. Following, we will show you how to do it:


Before the internet was a common thing, there was a time limit for TV hours. You might have to use this tactic and put limits for smartphone usage. For starters, you can put a limit on smartphone usage during bed. Technology doesn’t mix well with bed time; it’s a sure way to ruin your love life.

 Why do you think most mental health experts advice against having a TV in the bedroom? It’s because the device will ruin your love life. So, you need to tame the beast and put a limit on smartphone usage.

Monitor His Activity

This is a built-in solution in iOS and it’s available for free of cost.  You won’t have to invest a dime in spying on your husband’s phone. It is a universal program which works for every iOS device. This is helpful when it comes to back up your data.

If you are concerned about your significant other, then its better you monitor and go through his smartphone use before confronting anyone. You might as well gather strong evidence before you try to spring this conversation.

Spy with iCloud

You don’t need to jailbreak your phone to control a monitoring app. You can easily do it with something that is already installed on your smartphone. Honestly, you are tampering with parental controls, but nothing says you a tweak their functions a bit to suit your needs. If you enable the settings and hide away the feature, you can easily gain remote access to your husband’s:

These are the basic stuff. If you need some advanced functionalities, then you better invest in a premium app. This will help you find more information but discretely.

Using an App to Do it

If the built-in option doesn’t suffice you, then its time you pay for a premium app. We researched the marketplace and found a reliable tool that will help you keep track of your spouse; this app is Cocospy.

The GPS Live Tracking Tab

With this app, you can keep track of your husband’s whereabouts all the time.

Cocospy is a spying and tracking app designed for modern smartphones. This app is compatible with operating systems, iOS and Android. This is a trusted app that is celebrated by millions of users around the world. This app is featured in top publications including Forbes, New York Times, Tech Radar, CNET and others.

It comes with cutting edge features. With this app, you can tap into your husband’s calls and record them. You can also sneak peek into his messages and Email. This app also lets you hack into your husband’s social media accounts including his Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and other.

You can also track live location of your husband and see where he is all the time.

The best thing about this app is it doesn’t require you to jail break your phone or root your Android device.

Once you downloaded it from the official site, you have to install your device on your and your husband’s device. Once you install the application, you have to log into the system and enable for monitoring the target’s device.  Just make sure you hide away the app to make sure your husband doesn’t find it.

Enable real-time monitoring on their cell and see what they are up to. This will help you confirm your suspicion or find out you are wrong, all for good. Just be patient and view their activity.