As time passes there is bound to be a certain amount of junk that starts to accumulate on your Mac. More often than not this junk is in the form of old cache and log files, duplicate files, leftovers from apps that were uninstalled, unused localizations, and so on. Although these files are really pretty harmless individually, as they start to pile up they will eat into the free space that is available on your Mac, and may even affect its performance.

Needless to say that should be more than enough reason to want to clean all the junk from your Mac – but doing so manually would be time-consuming. Rather than attempting to browse through your Mac and locate each and every junk file, you could use Movavi Mac Cleaner to automate most of that.

When you launch Movavi Mac Cleaner, it will automatically initiate a scan that will go over your Mac’s hard drive and locate any and all junk files that are lurking there. Once the scan is complete, a report will let you visually see how much junk is on your Mac and the amount of space it is taking up.

However what really makes Movavi Mac Cleaner so convenient is that you can then opt to delete junk files from Mac with just a single click. Assuming you’d like a bit more control over what type of files are deleted however, you could opt to specify what junk is removed.

By the time you’re done you should have a lot more free space on your Mac – but there’s more to Movavi Mac Cleaner than that. In particular you should look to its ‘Uninstaller’ feature that will let you track down leftovers from apps and delete them, while also removing any apps you no longer need.

If you happen to use your Mac for work or have any confidential or sensitive files stored on it, you can delete them in a secure fashion using the ‘Shredder’. It will immediately overwrite data that is deleted so that the files you remove can’t be restored – even using specialized software.

Finally to protect your Mac as a whole, Movavi Mac Cleaner even includes its very own antivirus and firewall. That additional layer of protection should help to shield your Mac from viruses as well as other miscellaneous online threats.

As you can see you should be able to keep your Mac in good condition a lot easier with the help of Movavi Mac Cleaner and the numerous features that it brings to the table. Because it makes it so convenient to clean and maintain your Mac, you will be able to make sure it performs well over the long term.