By activating your RingCentral promo code online, you can get 25 percent off your first six monthly bills for subscribing to the leading provider of business phone system in the country.

However, it’s more than just the discount: you are actually also investing in a technology that can significantly alter the way your business spends. You’ve heard about how your business communication has been streamlined by the phone system, but RingCentral Mobile does more than that. It affects other aspects of your business as well.

No to capital expense, yes to operational cost

Capital expense refers to payments made by a business to acquire fixed assets. Fixed assets are properties or equipments that cannot easily be converted to cash. Fixed assets are also subject to depreciation, which means that the value of that asset will always be lower by the time you want to sell it because of wear and tear, or by simply being outdated.

Equipment like large servers and PBX boxes are fixed assets. You would have to spend a large amount of money to have it, and then sell it low if you need to upgrade. However, by RingCentral, you no longer have to buy fixed assets because you can just pay a monthly fee to subscribe to the service. So instead of paying a capital expense, you can consider your business telephony subscription as an operational cost.

This will give your business more flexibility because your money is not tied to an asset that is not easy to move.

No to dedicated staff

Traditional on-premise systems have complicated equipment that needs to be managed and maintained by a dedicated staff. This means more payroll expenses for the business. But since the phone system is hosted over the cloud, the task of maintaining it falls upon RingCentral, and that includes updates and upgrades. As a result, you no longer have to hire additional staff just to look after the phone system. You can even have your IT staff focus on other tasks because they do not have to give too much attention to your phone system.

By taking advantage of the cloud, you gain more flexibility on your finances, letting you explore other areas of improvement because now, you have the resources for it.

Activate your RingCentral discount code now, and start improving the way you do business.

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