Bounce Rate is a method to measure the quality of traffic that comes to your Blog. It is the number of Visitors opened your Blog and leaved withour viewing any other Posts or pages.

Bounce Rate depends on Four Factors-

Link relevance

If your Blog loads Fast, if your design is Elegant and Simple and responsive,if you have relevant links in the Post Contents and if you have nice Pictures in the Blog then dont Worry about your Bounce rate, it must be low for Sure.

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Interlinking the Posts , Showing related posts after the Post, Showing Excerpts on the Front or Archive Pages, Splitting the Long Posts, having Intreactive sidebar can Decrease the Bounce rate.

[For Blogs the Bounce rate need to be less than 30%]

Tips- Look for Bounce Rate for Fresh Posts asOlder posts will have nice Bounce Rate. New Visits blunce rate is more relevant than old Visits , by this you can know how much does a new visitor likes your Blog.

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