A well-kept and a trained horse is a beauty! And as a horse owner, you sure would want to provide the best care for your horse(s). This care can’t be for just one or two months. Instead, it is applicable all year round. Summer is one of the most critical seasons where horse owners need to up their horse care regime. And summer usually results in skin issues for horses. Providing adequate water intake isn’t the only summer care tips for horses. There’s more!

Do you want to know a couple of more useful summer health care tips? If yes, you can use the guidelines discussed as follows.

  1. Make skin protection for your horse a priority

Horse skin is equally sensitive to the sun rays as your own. Excess sun exposure will lead to sun or heat burns. Horse skin cancer is also something you need to be aware of, caused by harsh UV rays. Make sure you don’t allow your horse to be present in broad daylight, under the sun for long hours. If they are outside, ensure you save their face using a mask. You can also use a zinc oxide cream to coat their face. For any other allergic reactions, sunscreen is the best choice.

  1. Be careful of the worms

Both wet and warm weather brings with it parasites and worms. Summer is a wrong time for the horses to get affected by horse infections. Make sure your horse stays away from this. You can consult your vet to know the useful tips to avoid any worm issues about your horse.

  1. Make sure you don’t compromise on brushing

Brushing your horse’s body and the tail is something you need to do all around the year! Brushing helps to do away with the deep-seated debris in the skin and also keeps the horse hair in excellent condition. Use different brush size as well. Browse through websites like TVG online when you decide to opt-in for this guideline.

  1. Take care of sweating food

Summer is a time that causes excess sweat in horses akin to humans. So, make sure you keep the horse’s feed in a dry and cold place. It will avert sweating considerably. Moist food is more prone to mold growth. Stir the horse feed daily to ensure that there’s zero mold growth.

  1. Beware about the Queensland Itch

Queensland Itch often makes the horse skin inflamed. Simply put, it is an allergic response to the protein deposits in midge saliva. Try and keep a tab on your horse when it rubs itself against few objects. It is an attempt to scratch the irritated and inflamed skin. Use creams that have either/both lavender and eucalyptus oil.  It will put the infected skin to rest by soothing it.

If you want the horse skin to heal totally, make sure you keep the midges at bay. Also, say yes to applying horse-friendly insecticide to your horse’s coat.

A horse with perfect health is a matter of pride for its owner and others as well. Summertime horse is essential for a good body and skin health. You can opt-in for these useful yet straightforward horse care tips during summer to ensure good health and skin for your horse.