Apple phones do not only look good but are also quite awesome in their performance. However, every new Apple device has its own issues and the iPhone Xs MAX is no exception to that. Since its release, users have noticed a few issues with the phone that can often hinder user experience.

Most of the time, a simple reset or iPhone XS MAX repair fixes these issues. Thus, if you are planning to buy the phone, you should know a bit about it beforehand.

Charging Problem

The first problem that users started having with iPhone Xs MAX was that it would not charge even when plugged into a lightning cable. Some people complained that this was happening when their iPhone Xs MAX was in Sleep Mode. Others said that they had to tap the phone’s screen to start charging. Apple has acknowledged the issue, and they are working on fixing it in the future.


There is nothing worse than your phone freezing in the middle of a video or if you are trying to do something important. Well, iPhone Xs MAX comes with this problem too, and many users have reported that their phone would just hang while they were doing something on it. There is no particular app or function on the phone that is causing this problem.

This is most probably a software error, and Apple might fix these bugs in the next update. So, if you already have an iPhone Xs MAX, you can expect the next update to solve this problem for you.

Weak Signals

Another issue with the iPhone Xs MAX is the weak signal reception. According to loyal iPhone users, this is the worst signal reception they have seen on the phone from the company. In different regions, the problem is also due to specific carriers.

Now, there could be different reasons for this. In the iPhone Xs MAX, Apple has used Intel modems instead of Qualcomm, so this might be the cause of this issue. Or, the antenna design might be causing poor signal reception.

This problem is not so common and is seen by people using certain carriers. It can possibly be fixed by a software update or a trip to the iPhone X repair near me shop.

Skin Smoothening

One thing that Apple consistently boasts off is the cameras on their phone and there is no denying the fact that the company always pulls through. However, there is not exactly anything wrong with the camera of iPhone Xs MAX, but what happens to the pictures after they are taken.

The iPhone Xs MAX has a default feature that it aggressively smoothens out the skin when a picture is taken in Selfie Mode. Apple might have thought that users would like this but since, nowadays, there is a trend of being ‘raw’ and ‘real,’ a lot of people do not really like this default feature. Apple should allow the users to turn off this smoothening feature in their new update but there aren’t any reports of this happening any time soon.

Green Line on Screen

A user reported that there is a green line on the display of his new iPhone Xs MAX. Now, this is not something unheard of. Samsung Edge phones also had a similar issue when they were released. A green line appears in the display that might go away on its own and come back again after a while. If your iPhone Xs MAX has this issue, you can get it replaced by a new phone from the Apple Store if this issue is not due to your negligence.

Slow Wi-Fi

Something that has been discussed a lot on Apple forums since the release of iPhone Xs MAX is how the Wi-Fi speed on this phone is much slower than you would expect from such a high-end phone. This issue is not only limited to Wi-Fi but also extends to mobile data. Resetting the network settings on your iPhone Xs MAX might fix this issue and make the connection comparatively faster.

Bluetooth Error

Apple’s Bluetooth system is already quite problematic for most users and the iPhone Xs MAX comes with its own Bluetooth connectivity issues. Some users report that they were having trouble connecting to Bluetooth. If you are facing this issue, you can try to disconnect and connect again or restarting your iPhone Xs MAX to fix this problem.


There is no doubt that iPhone Xs MAX is one of the best phones in the market and any other company would have to work very hard to top this product. However, like all other techy things, the iPhone Xs MAX also has some problems associated with it. But it is nothing that cannot be solved by a simple reset or getting your phone repaired from an expert.