If you are thinking about setting up a spy camera, it means that you have a problem in your life that you are trying to solve. It could be that you want to ensure that your child is being well looked after or that you want to know what is going on in your home when you are not around.

So as to minimize the chances of things going wrong with the camera and to increase the chances of the camera working right, here are some tips to keep in mind when you are setting up your spy cameras.

Test test test

Always test the equipment first to ensure that the camera is working properly. Set up the camera in the room where you want and check to ensure that everything is functioning well. Or you can simulate the kind of conditions under which the camera will be set up and see how things go.

Check the footage and see if it is giving you the kind of results that you want.


Consider the lighting in the room and how lighting changes in the room throughout the day. Ideally, the camera should point away from the light so that you do not end up capturing shadows. You should also ensure that there is adequate light in the room so as to capture the room well.

If there is no light in the room or if you are interested in capturing events in the room at night or when the room is dark, consider using an infrared camera, like those that can be found at https://spycentre.com/collections/wifi-hidden-cameras. Such cameras can capture details in low light.


Carefully think about where you will place the cameras. Ideally, the cameras should be placed in a place that will give you a view of the whole room. The camera should not be too high or too low, otherwise, you might miss capturing essential details.

A good camera should be able to give you a wide field of view. This way, you will be able to capture most of the room. Take care to point the camera to an area that will have a lot of action or an area of interest in the room.

Storage space

The footage that is captured is usually stored in an SD card. The bigger the SD card, the better since you can store a lot of footage. So as to maximize space on the card, you can set your video to shoot at a low resolution.

Alternatively, you can set the video to function at alternative motion. This way, the video only rolls if there is motion in the room instead of just shooting an empty room. Or you can go for a camera which has an overwrite function. In this case, old footage is overwritten by new footage.

Battery life

Constantly check on the battery of your device. This is to ensure that there is always enough battery to operate the device.