To have a tidy and clean home you should first clean it well entirely. A house full of dirt, mould and dust isn’t pleasant and can be dangerous for your health. Cleaning and disinfecting it really good, every room will look better and sparkle of cleanness so you can start tiding it and organizing it the way you want it to be. Hare are some tips to motivate you how to tidy and organize your home in the way you want it to appear when you have unexpected guest, for instance.

If you tidy, arrange and have your home organized well, you will be peaceful when a friend calls to say he want to visit you for a while. You will have more free time, find everything you need easily and fast and won’t be late for work and meetings. So a well organized home saves you a lot of time, which you can spend the way you decide. Here are a few tips to have you home arranged, tidy and functioning for you, not vice versa.

To start cleaning and tiding your home something has to motivate you. You have to decide what is thing for you. For some motivating can be writing a what to do list and completing all the tasks and chores in it. For others encouraging to arrange and tidy is some kind of gift or prize for the well done job. Eating something sweet you like, buying an expensive garment you didn’t dare to afford yourself before. Whatever you choose, do it according to your preferences. There are people who clean and tidy when they are under pressure and feel stressed. Cleaning and arranging help them relieve the stress and clear their thoughts. It’s a good reason to bring your home in order too.


While cleaning you can motivate yourself better and relax at the same time while you work with some nice music played on. Choose one you fancy. You can also place pictures, photos or posters of the clean and tidy condition of the house you want to achieve for further motivation. You can de-clutter every object which is broken, you don’t like and haven’t used for a long time in your home. Give these things to charity or just throw away if they are not valuable.


Create order by making a home for every object. You can easily define a place for the most important and common things you use. Truss your keys, phone chargers, sunglasses, medicines etc. in places you will easily find and access. You can also store your items in boxes with labels on, showing your family members where what to find. This will help them be more organized and get involved in the tiding process.


You need to be consistent to have permanent results in your cleaning and tidying work. Regular cleaning and arranging will make sure your house will stay tidy longer. Spending a little time every day for these chores is a good approach. It’s important to make this part of your daily routine otherwise you will have to hire QualityCleaning Fulham to do that job for you. Fifteen to thirty minutes is enough for you to tidy every day. You can set an alarm to remind you do this activity in the beginning until you make it a habit.


Cleaning and tiding is a process which require persistence, because it’s a continuing task you need to take care of daily. Following these three steps you will definitely have success. Organizing your home to look tidy and be perfectly clean isn’t that hard. If you create a system and make it pleasant by including activities you like or reward yourself somehow, it can be something enjoyable for you to do. There are a lot of reasons, which can motivate you clean and tidy your place and keep it constantly organized.

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