Whether you are a Newbie or an Old Guy in the Field of Blogging you always need to work according to the Trends. You have to change the way you Work according to the Change in Time.

Some want to be a Per Time Blogger, some want to make a Career in Blogging and some write Blog as a Hobby. In 2014 you need to take your Blogging Career to a New High Level. For that you have to Follow certain Resolutions. So, here are the Top 5 resolutions for a Blogger in the year 2014.


In order to be Success you have to Think Positive for your Works. This will lead to a Positive attitude and you ultimately can be productive.

If you will be POSITIVE, your dreams will be Good and you can work hard to Archive that Goal.


In order to be come a Blogger you need to be Passionate towards it. Bloggers work on their Blog for Days, months and years and one can only work so much only if he/she is Passionate.

Your Passion id your great Motivator and it will help you Explore and research more on your Topics.


You have to be Original in your Content of your Blog. If you think that you are Unique then you have to make your Blog like that only so that it can be Out of the Crowd.

Be Original which will Lead to Successful.


Creative means Implementing new Ideas, analyzing in a Different Angle and concluding with a different Concept of the same Topic.

Get out from the circle and make your Own Path so that you can be Great.


If you want to make money from your Blog then you have to be Everything of your Blog. In order to earn money you need to be a better marketer. You have to be the Own Brand Ambassador of your own Blog.

You have to Aim High in order to reach at that High. This will help you get more Clients, Revenue and can establish your Blog as your Own Brand.