Some of the best sports in the country are now in full swing, with great matches to follow and some exciting action to be expected. Whether you love baseball or you want to follow some of the best NFL matches of the season, you can enjoy a much better experience by watching the matches live at the stadium.


Unfortunately, tickets to sporting events are not always affordable. Last year, the average price for tickets to NFL games was well over $200. Experts believe the tickets will only get more expensive this season. Worry not, because you can still save on sports tickets and watch the best matches without breaking the bank. Here are five top tips you could try.

Be a Fan

If you only want to follow a particular team, being a fan can prove to be beneficial. There are a lot of advantages official fans get in return of their support, including special discounts on merchandise and tickets. Membership may have a fee attached to it, but once you start saving on tickets that fee will basically pay for itself.

Some team fan clubs also have special programs for their fans. For instance, you can try the ticket exchange program, which allow fans to exchange seats for particular matches. You can sit in VIP spots and get the best view of the match without having to spend a lot on the tickets. Other fan clubs allow fans to purchase specially reserved seats for a discount.

Find Last Minute Deals

Similar to booking a flight, there are a lot of special deals on last-minute sports tickets. One of the best ways to find these deals is by visiting and searching for the particular sporting event you want to watch. The site has some great deals on tickets and you will be able to find even more affordable seats when you browse through its last-minute deals.

Another great way to get a good deal on last-minute tickets is by searching for tickets being resold online. A lot of sports fans who can’t attend the matches they have bought tickets for often resell those tickets online, either through websites specializing in last-minute tickets or via marketplaces such as eBay and Craigslist.


Get a Season Ticket

If you really want to attend a lot of matches throughout the season, going for a season ticket may help you save even more in the long run. Season tickets are substantially more expensive than individual tickets at first, but consider the number of matches you can attend with that one ticket and you’ll find the season-long pass to be much more affordable.

In fact, a good season ticket can help you save more than 70% off the price of individual tickets the more matches you attend. You can even get additional discounts on beverages and other facilities at the stadium with select season tickets. More importantly, teams now have special programs, rewards and other bonuses for fans – especially members of the fan club – who purchase season tickets.

Buy On-Site

Many sports fans will advise against buying tickets to a match on-site, simply because the prices are often inflated and rather unaffordable. That said, you can still find great deals on match day, especially through ticket resellers.

This tip is particularly handy when you want to watch a sporting match and you’re okay with the risk of not being able to get tickets on the day. That risk could turn into a huge saving when you can find the right ticket reseller near the stadium. You will be able to get bargain tickets, usually from those who can’t watch the match for whatever reason, and even get great seats for a huge discount.

Buy Tickets as a Group

Let’s not forget that stadiums now allow larger groups to buy tickets at a group discount. Instead of buying tickets individually, you can save up to 30% off the price of each ticket by buying as a group of 10 people or more. Ask friends and relatives who want to watch the same match to join forces and explore the possibilities of qualifying for a substantial group discount before making your purchase.

Group discounts also come with bonuses and freebies. You can get free drinks and access to special areas of the stadium by attending the match as a group. This last tip, along with the previous ones we covered in this article, will help you watch your favorite sporting events and support your team without spending too much on match tickets.