If you’re hoping to land a promotion in your workplace, it can often be a lot of hard work to ensure that you stand out and make a better impression than the candidates that you are competing against. When you’re hoping to be promoted, it can often be difficult as you’ll usually be up against other people who you work with when it comes to deciding who gets the coveted position. But, if you want to work your way up the career ladder and increase your level of responsibility, seniority and earning potential, it’s important to make sure that you take the time and put in the effort to make a great impression from the beginning. Whether there’s a promotion available right now or you’re hoping to apply if one becomes available in the future, we’ve put together some tips and tricks which will help you to succeed.

Update Your Resume

Although your employer will already have your resume from when you first applied for a job with them, updating your resume in order to use it to apply for the senior position that you’re hoping to land can be a good way to make a better impression and improve your chance of success. When you update your resume in order to apply for a promotion, you can include your current job in your employment history and let your employer know the skills and knowledge that you have learned whilst working for them and how you will be able to use those skills to be successful in a more senior position. For more information on what information to include on your resume and how to write about yourself in a way that encourages employers to learn more, see Employment Boost.

Make Connections

Often, promotions within a workplace heavily depend on who you know. Getting to know and forming good relationships with the right people within the company that you work for can go a long way when it comes to how eligible you are to land higher up positions and be promoted to roles with more responsibility and a higher pay grade. Regularly networking with people in more senior positions within your workplace and making a good impression on the people who are likely going to be influential when it comes to considering your application for a more senior role is absolutely vital when it comes to successfully climbing the career ladder.

Sign Up for Training

Many companies prefer to train their employees to do things ‘their way’ and therefore if you’re hoping to be promoted within your workplace, one of the best ways to improve your chances of being considered when applying for more senior positions is to enroll on any training and development programs which are provided by your employer. Willingly signing up to take on extra work in the form of training can not only help you to improve your knowledge and skill, it will also help you to become a better candidate for being promoted to a more senior position and can be a good way to showcase to management exactly how determined you are to do well and succeed in your position and any others that you could be promoted to.

Be Productive

When it comes to choosing the right candidates to be promoted to higher-up positions in the workplace, employers are looking for those workers which are the most motivated and productive. If you come into work and try to get as little done as possible, chances are you’re going to be the last on the list when it comes to who’s most likely to be promoted in the near future. Working hard and making sure that you get good results for your employer will put you forward as a great candidate to promote to a higher position which brings along more responsibility with it.

Be Likeable

Often, people who are well-liked within a company and respected by their colleagues are the most likely to be promoted than those who are not. Forming good relationships with your colleagues and acting and behaving in such a way that you are well-liked and respected at work is important for building up a good foundation for future potential promotions and career growth opportunities. Employers tend to promote people who they know will be respected and listened to in senior positions, therefore showing that you are this type of person from as early as possible can improve your chances of promotion success.

If you’re hoping to get promoted at work, it’s important to put some work in to get what you want!