We can all agree that one of the most captivating types of entertainment is television and movies. They can both be grouped under the category of video entertainment. They are a combination of audio and video at the same time. As such, you get an immersive experience from the material that you watch. To make this media possible, a process known as video production is conducted which is. This is the planning, capturing and editing of video footage to make it ready for the audiences. The person in charge of video production is known as a director of photography. Their job is to ensure that the subject of the video footage has been represented in the best way possible. Thanks to innovation, modern technology makes it possible to enjoy clearer images in video footage. One of the latest technologies in this field is known as 4k high speed. Read on to learn more.

What is 4k high speed?

4k simply means that the video footage has much clearer pictures than usual. 4k results in many more pixels than regular video can give. As a matter of fact, it produces 8,294,400 pixels of video footage. As a result, the images are crisp and show much more detail on the subjects in the footage. 4k is even clearer than High Definition (HD) footage. As such, this technology can be applied on television and movie displays as well as projectors. When it comes to resolution, 4k results in 4 times the resolution of a 1080-pixel display. This type of display has 1080 rows on its height and 1920 columns on its width. 4k technology multiplies these numbers by 4 on both sides. This results in much clearer and crisper images. This factor of multiplication is the reason why it is known as 4k technology. Latest developments in the field of video capturing and footage have resulted in 4k video shooting too.

What is 4k high speed video shooting?

One of the main stages of video production is actually shooting the footage. 4k high speed technology has been adopted in this process too. When applied in this field, it is referred to as 4k high speed video production. 4k technology has a number of effects when it is applied in video production. These effects include:

  1. It allows you to see even the smallest changes in the most minute details of the subjects of the video capturing process
  2. It acts as a microscope for time in video shooting. This means that it allows the director of photography to shoot footage at very high frames per second (fps). The standard rate of 4k video shooting is 1000 (fps).
  3. It allows the director of photography to shoot even slow motion scenes with very high definition. As such, you can capture activities that occur very slowly and render them at a speed that is comfortable for viewers to enjoy.


4k high speed video production allows viewers to see and enjoy a world that they had never seen before. This is a result of the detail in the images. This is as a result of the 4k multiplication of the pixels in the footage. Top directors of photography such as Dustin Ferrell utilize 4k high speed cameras to shoot their sequences. One of the cameras that is capable of doing this is the Phantom Flex 4k.


Caren Love is a movie director. She is well known for the clarity and captivating nature of her drama and action movies. She was one of the first directors to adopt 4k high speed video production when the technology emerged. Her knowledge and experience have made this report possible.