Since the printing method was introduced, the hard cover books enjoyed the monopoly business in the format of the book covers. But with the introduction of paperback version, the publishers and the printers are spending some time to take decision on which format the books are to be printed. The book lovers who want to treasure any book for his whole life will definitely prefer hardcover book printing but may not afford it due to its high price. Let us now go through the pros and cons of the different formats so that you can decide properly:

Hard Cover Format: You can choose the hard cover format for specifically these types of books:

Most of the hardcover books come with dust jacket that allows large number of texts to be printed on them. The dust jacket can be filled up with the testimonials and quotes from other authors and big names who have commented on your book. The inside flaps of the hard cover like front cover and the back cover can also be used with a purpose. The front flaps may show a short description of the book while the back flap can display the author’s photo and biography.

Paperback Cover :  When you are talking about the paperback , the first thing comes into mind is its affordable nature. If you are publishing your first book, you must have the tendency to keep the price low so that it sells more in the market. In this case, the paperback version will be the best option for you. The self-help books, the non-fiction and the novels may be easily managed with the paperback version. As sometimes the readers judge the book by its cover, paperback will be considered as the lesser value, and it will surely devaluate the content within it. Since paperbacks do have lesser space than the hardcover, you are required to fit all your information within the space provided. You can utilize the back cover by proving two short testimonials with the author bio and the book description. The testimonials can also be placed in the front cover as the opening pages of the books.

Hybrid Format : French Flaps :  The French flaps are new and hybrid book cover format that is being used nowadays. Originally produced as a paperback version, the extended part can serve as the dust jacket of the hard cover format. This kind of format will definitely cost higher than the paperback, but less costly than the hard cover. Many authors and printers are choosing this format to make their books appear more professional as well as attractive.

Therefore, you are required to know the actual purpose of your target market before deciding on the cover format of your books. You should also keep in mind the price factor and the value of the content before taking the final decision of printing. Your personal choice will also help you to take the decision!

Author Bio: Jenny Richards works in the print industry. She specializes in the hardcover book printing and in this article she is sharing her suggestions on whether to choose a hardcover or a paperback version of books.