When common People Use Google Search

Most of the Common People Use Social Networking Sites such as Facebook , Twitter , Pinterest and Google Plus etc. But from the Day I learnt Internet I have seen most of the people use Google Search while Surfing the Internet. After some analysis I can to know about some reason why poeple use Google Search. Here I want to display some common reasons for which Common People use Google Search.

  •  Most of the People use Google.com to check whether the Internet is Available or not. This is the best way to Check that. Sometimes I also visit Google’s Homepage to check the availability of Internet or not.
  •  To check the New Google Doodle in the homepage. Many a times Google Use Interactive Doodles as their Logo in the Homepage. And trust me any want to see new Doodle Daily. Recently a Series of Olympic Doodle was designed was Awesome.

  • Common people use Google Search for everything. I mean to know Cricket / Football score they use Google, to calculate numbers use google, to know weather.
  • Sometimes we use to check what results come when we enter our Own name in the search box. If some results related to you is shown then you feel proud out of that. Some search thier name in Google Images too.
  • Few People search their Friends using Google, they simply type their full name and search them in the results. But now a days People used to search thier friends in Facebook rather than Google.
  • If someone hear a new word then they use Google to Know the Meaning of the Word. And most often visit Wikipedia from the Search Results.

  • To know Train / Flight schedule People use Google too. Simply typing the Train Number or details , Google can show you the Link or the result of that.
  • When a Friend challenges to name the color of the Google Alphabets used in the Logo, we use google Home Page.
  • And yes to Get Movie Reviews / Income also people use Google Search as thier Primary source of Getting Information.
  • Last but not the Least, when you are bored and want to open a website and simply type the website name and press enter, Google will show you the result. Isn’t it.

How you use Google Search. Comment Below to share your Expeirience.


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