Over the flow of time we have found technologies undergo changes in manifold. With the coming of SMTP servers mailing technology has gained a never-before faster speed and efficacy. Amongst SMTP technologies in use, the Atomic Mail Sender deserves special mention because it features a superb built-in Simple Mail Transfer Protocol system enhancing speed and effectiveness of mail delivery.

This powerful software is actually a mass mailer that knows no bound when it comes to sending mails. So, what makes it different? The software system boasts of its tracking facilities helping you follow the trail of a mail’s efficacy. The SMTP software system ensures that you gain control over mails sent to desired addresses. You can even check who is actually clicking on the mails and downloading files attached with them.

This integrated software can be set in order to produce an invisible code to insert the same in sent mail messages. Once the user of the software gets his/her name registered in the program alongside the campaign’s name, the Atomic Mail Sender begins with its monitoring services.

The Atomic Mail Sender renders mail management facilities and can automatically manage the addresses in the mailing list. The software which boasts of its built-in Simple Mail Transfer Protocol server ensures that all mails are directly delivered to the recipient’s address. The server doesn’t have to seek help of the ISP’s server even if the provider permits you to do so.

The bulk email sending server automatically establishes a connection followed by which it imitates a mailing server and incorporates messages in the mail box in course of which you can save considerable time. Now, bulk emailing can be accomplished at lightning speed. Believe it or not Atomic Mail Sender is absolutely safe and doesn’t entail the user to install extra components.

Despite of knowing the fact that the address list is not too limited, the server ensures that all mail messages hit the inbox of recipient’s inbox within few minutes. In fact it doesn’t matter if your email list comprises thousands of addresses; the outgoing mail server ensures fast and faultless delivery of emails. All you have to do is click start the system to load the mailing list and then, press start to get your job done.

AMS makes use of a direct delivery of multithreaded emails. Most importantly the server makes the fullest use of the internet connection to get your mail messages delivered at the other end. AMS’s server guarantees flawless delivery in a minute. However the rate of delivery may also rely upon the size of the message, any embedded images and also the attached file’s volume.

This unique program is helping people from different industries establish a foothold in the market. The program is aptly set for mass emailing just like the TDC SMTP which operates over the internet. With the help of AMS the delivery time for mail messages is considerably reduced. Additionally it allows the sender to increase threads for faster sending of emails. This powerful server is a breakthrough in SMTP technology.

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