Everyone wants to Earn money online. Because they think that its very easy. Some sites promise that they will pay for Every Visit/referral/registration etc. Some scam sites are AvailPay,  indian-recharge.co.cc, 3grecharge.net, 2012fb-recharg3.co.cc, freerecharge31.us.tc, rechargeincome, CASHite.com . There are lots of others scam sites. We cant list all the sites but I can tell you some methods from which you can detect a Scam websites.

1. Before Joining GOOGLE it properly – There are lots of sites who Detect whether a website id a Scam or not. You do not need to search for those site. Just write the name of the site in the Google and just add a word SCAM at the end. Example- UK lottery SCAM. You can get a detailed review of whether the site is scam for not. If you want to be site then check the site at webutation , woorank , scamadvisor.

2. They will ASK for your Bank Details- While joining any money earning site, they will ask your Paypal ID or something like that. But if they are asking for your Bank details such as card no, account password then dont ever give that. Sometimes they will send you an email about bank confirmation but never download the files or attachments they send related to that. Maybe that s Virus or a Adware.

3. Lots of GRAMMATICAL errors- You will find a lots of Grammatical Errors in scam sites . For example, an email from a law firm or bank should be free of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes (especially if they’re repeated). If the correspondence you receive is full of errors, be very suspicious.

4. They will ask for FEES for registration – Most of the scam websites will ask you for advance fees for registration. it doesnt mean that its a scam website. Before paying any fees first be 100% sure that the website is not a scam.

5. Never trust the WORD OF MOUTH – If our friend says that he got money from a site then never trust them blindly. Even if he shows any proof then also dont. Fully verify with your own eye then do what ever you want.

6. Check whether the EMAIL id is genuine – Most of the SCAM Sites have free email IDs such as [email protected] or [email protected] . Dont trust them. It may be genuine if it has [email protected] or [email protected] .

7. Suspicious or  no ADDRESS – These site generally have no official address. If they have address then try to search on GOOGLE EARTH for the address. If the company is registered then you can find it in Google Earth.

8. They will PRESSURE you to pay soon – Most of the scam websites will please you or ask you to pay soon or you will loose the opportunity. Dont trust such sites. A genuine business making a genuine offer will never pressure you to act immediately.


These are the 8 steps to Detect a SCAM site and methods to protect yourself. It will take some time to follow all of them but once dont it will save your lots of time and money in future. 🙂