When we calcualte the value of 10 Internet Years then it becomes Very huge because of the Rapid Development of Tools and Online Stuffs.

In 2002, we were using Internet Explorer, AIM, Desktops, where as now in 2012, we use Tablet, Twitter, Netflix, wikipedia, chrome, apple, gmail, facebook, android, Laptop and all.

In 2002, there were around 600 million users using the Internet but now in 2012 around 2.27 billion users came online which takes around 33% of the world’s polulation.

In 2002 an Average user usually use Internet for around 46 minutes where as in 2012 an average user remains online 4hours a day.
And guess what 3 million websites were running in 2002 and now in 2012 around 555 million websites were running.

When we compare the Browsers the result was amazing , around 95% of users were using Internet Explorer but now in 2012 the figure is fully different, now there is a browser war between Internet Explorer, Firefox , Chrome and Opera to a little extent.

Regarding search in 2002 users were usually searching about Spiderman , Shakira , Winter Olymics, World Cup, Avril Lavigne, Star Wars, Eminem, American Idol, Morrowind, Warcraft 3 but now in 2012 users search about Rebecca Black, Google+ , Hurricane Irene, Pinterest, Ryan Dunn, iPhone 5, Casey Anthony, Adele, Osama Bin Laden and Steve Jobs.

In 2012 to download a songs it take around 18 seconds while in 2002 it was took around 12.5 minutes to download the same song. To open a website it takes around 16 seconds to load 2002 but in 2012 it takes around 6 seconds.

In 2002 Friendster launched and had a whopping of 3 million users but in 2012 Facebook there are more than 900 million users.

Here is the animated Infographic-

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