Anticipation reached fever pitch as the release date for the new iPhone drew tantalisingly close. We’ve grown used to the sight of fans queuing for the latest mobile phones and other Apple products as the world of consumer technologies has grown and become more user-friendly. Largely ,thanks to Apple, technology has found a home with the masses instead of just the techno nerds. This is because Apple seems to find the best ways of transporting the full glories of the digital world to intuitive consumer devices epitomised in the iPhone.

Anyone who has used an iPhone will have been impressed by the fluidity of its touchscreen and its simple interfaces. For many of us who withstood the urge to buy an iPhone initially it now seems that the world has been gradually won over to the revolutionary phones unquestionable charms.

Where other phones appear jerky and clunky in their operation the iPhone is faultlessly swift due to obsessive detail in research and design. The iPhone 5 was set by many to further the company’s credentials with a phone far more revolutionary than any of its previous incarnations. With iPhones of the past there is a clear family lineage – the phone has a distinct appearance and has stuck steadfastly with the 3.5 inch screen. The new phone certainly has a larger screen but many who were speculating at a 5 inch display to be on the cards in line with rivals like the Galaxy S3 were upset with the mere 4 inches.

As the iPhone gets bigger it seems as though the iPad 3 may be set to get a smaller stable mate. The iPad 3 was released earlier this year, and the critics loved it due to things like the retina display and enhanced speed. It may have forged the way for a smaller 7 inch version to compete with the Galaxy Nexus 7 and Samsung 7.0 tab. The ‘iPad Mini’ is now common knowledge as a rumour and who knows what truth there is in this?

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