The Samsung company is one of the most rapid expansions of a phone producer in the last few years. Even if before they were not such a great fuss, they have developed new technologies and keep up with giants like Apple. The rise of the Samsung phones is associated with the massive success it had with the Smartphones gadgets which seem to be loved and bought all over the world. Probably the top 5 Samsung Smartphones are the ones belonging to the Galaxy family. They are really proficient and their prices range from $300 to $550, depending on the carrier chosen and in many other aspects.

Galaxy Nexus

This phone has a generous 4.65 inches of screen and with its nice curved shape the looks of it are absolutely delicious. It will blend in with the personality of the user as it is powered by a dual core processor. The OS used to it is Android Ice Cream Sandwich. Recently it can be updated to the Jelly Bean version which is better and runs smoother. It does not have any Samsung software interface on it so the delights of the Android are in their purest state.

Galaxy Note

Note has more of a tablet look than on a phone due to its 5.3 inch screen and it gives the user that large space to explore. It could be quite uncomfortable to make a call, but for browsing the web and watching homemade or downloaded videos, this phone is perfect. The colors are bright and it amazes the user with a clean look. The only problem is the life of the battery which is rather short so a charger could come in handy every once in a while. For the ones who love big screens, Galaxy Note is their perfect match.

Galaxy S Advance

From the Galaxy S sequel, the Advance phone has the most decent price available for all. It is not that expensive and it could be a good solution for the ones who cannot afford the rather spicy price of the S series. It has a 4 inch screen and it looks nicely curved. Its performance is great comparing it with the money one spends on. Advance is likely to handle all the important applications without any major problem so even the ones who cannot pay a lot will be able to enjoy fully its advantages.

Samsung Galaxy S2

Until the arrival of S3, the Galaxy S2 was the most beloved handset by the company which was able to compete with any Apple gadget. Still, the S2 has remained popular due to its large 4.3 inch display with great colors and bright backlight. With a 1.2 GHz processor and dual core option, there is no problem to access all the apps on this phone. With 9mm, the phone is really slim and can easily be carried around. Designated as the number one favorite phone of 2011, Galaxy S2 is still blowing the market at all costs.

Samsung Galaxy S3

The high end technology behind Samsung Galaxy S3 has made it really popular. It is the tip of the sword and with its 1.4 GHz processor with quad core it is totally a jump from the S2. The display is of 4.8 inch and it looks fantastic for the games and internet browsing for so many users.

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