Data loss due to Hard Disk Crash / corrupt is a Basic problem for all the computer users. There are many Important Files and documents which must be kept in a safe and secure place so that cannot get lost.

 For that I want to list out 8 (Eight) Free Windows Backup Tools and Softwares which can Protect your files from getting corrupted.

8 Free Backup Tools for Windows

Mozy – Incredibly smart, highly secure, set-it-and-forget-it backup solution. Backups data to web.

FBackup– Easily backup important files and documents, personal settings and plugins.

ToDo Backup– Able to backup the entire operating system, program settings, browser data, emails and other data.

CloneZilla– Live CD to completely clone your hard drive.

SyncBack – Selective synchronisation, local and remote backup to an FTP server.

FreeFileSync– Open source folder comparison and sync tool. Optimised for speed and usability.

CopyTo Synchronizer– Wide set of options for backing up, updating, and synchronizing files.

DriveImage XML– Easily Backup or copy entire disks block-for-block directly to another drive without the need to reboot your computer to run the cloning process.


Download A suitable one for you and use it in your PC to Backup your Data securely.


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