Coolnove is a browser developed by Maple Studio which is presently known as ChromePlus, which is just like the Google Chrome but with a lot of Extra Features which is very useful. It has became a Part of The Chromium Project.

This browser has the Same source code as the Google Chrome, so you can use all the Chrome extensions in this but this browser has some extra features which Google Chrome Doesnt have.

The Features in this Browser are – IE Mode, Mouse Gestures, New Privacy Policy, Double Click tab to close Page, AdBlock Support, new Book Marking Feature and many more. Below are the Explained Features.

In this browser you will get an “IE Mode”, you can switch to this mode anytime you want. If there is any site which runs perfectly in Internet Explorer then you can use this feature to switch it into the IE mode to load the page perfectly.

Another Feature which this browser is the Mouse Gestures which helps you to perform various actions such as Scrolling, tab Management, stepping forward and backwards through your web history, and more – just by moving your mouse in a particular pattern.

The Privacy Policy feature which CoolNova has is that it deletes all your WebHistory, Cookies, Cache, Saved Passwords, Form Data and others when you close the Brower.

The Other Features are New Tab Option, Bookmarking Features, AbBlock Supports and many more. The new Tab Feature is that when you double click on any tab then it automatically closes down.

Note- If you want to use Both Chrome and CoolNova at a time in a same system then there is no Problem, the two Program will coexist in the Same System.

The Problem with the Brouser is that -The Documentation is Poorly Translated from the Original Chinese and the Program made itself the default browser on our PC without asking.

I suggest you not to make or use this Application by replacing Google Chrome because as the Program is under testing till now you can facebok Problem anytime and there maybe no way to fix those.

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