Well hard disk management is one of the troubling issues for any common computer user who is not that tech savvy and lacks the knowledge of a computer engineer. The hard drive is the memory of your system and if not properly utilised you will lose out on available space and risk loss of data. To solve all those problems for a common layman, the disk partition management tool form EaseUs is available which gives you the chance of extending your system partition, solve the typical “low disk space” troubles and efficiently manage the disk space.

The EaseUS Partition Manager free can be described as an “all in one” tool for partition management. The software is capable of undertaking three chief functions : The Partition Manager, The Disk and Partition Copy wizard and the Partition Recovery Wizard. The software is compatible with the Operating Systems such as Windows 7/8/8.1/Vista/ XP. It can be hoped that as newer versions of this software is released, compatibility with other operating Systems like Linux, Mac will also be found. The software can also be used in four languages which include English along with Deutsch, Français and 日本語.


Recently the Version 10.0 was released on the internet. The multiple languages support was a part of this upgrade along with a few features such as :

The all new WINPE bootable media to make the product much more convenient.


The Partition Manager is one of the chief operators of this software. This can be used perform any kind of partition magic with your hard disk partition. You can create or delete and existing partition. Also you can use the options merging, splitting, resizing and moving your partitions so as to make optimum utilization of your hard disk space. In all these operations you do not have to worry about data loss which is otherwise inevitable when you extend a NTFS system partition. With the Partition Manager, conversion of dynamic disk to basic disk as well as FAT to NTFS file system is possible. The wizard can deal with a maximum size of 2TB partition for MBR type disks and 4TB for GPT disks.

When you are in need of cloning disks and volumes of data for protection or disk up gradation you can use the Disk & Partition Copy wizard. And for this you don’t have to reinstall your Operating System which is a mandatory if you use other means.


The Partition Recovery Wizard is solely used for the purpose of recovering lost, deleted partitions on allocated space. A hardware or software failure is very common and so is a virus attack which needs to have a hard drive repartitioned. With this recovery tool you can easily recover your lost partitions. Two recovery modes are available in this, the Automatic recovery mode and the manual one. The automatic mode does everything on your own while the manual mode allows you complete control of the recovery procedure.

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