As the time is advancing, we are reducing the size of technology. We all know that in the beginning, the storage devices were almost the size of the room and now we can fit them in the palm of our hand. The most commonly utilized external device is a memory card. We use it on our smartphones, laptops, cameras and sometimes in computers for transferring data.


However, the small size of the memory card does not mean that it is secure from the data loss. Commonly the card is accidently formatted and all the files are lost. Therefore, you might have lost the pictures from your last trip or the songs that you have specially collected. In such situation, there is nothing to worry about because the EaseUS free data recovery software will help you recover every single one of the lost file.

EaseUS free data recovery software for memory card

Regardless of the reason due to which the files were lost in your memory card the file recovery software will efficiently work to recover every single one of the file. It has been developed with quality code to ensure that you will get the best possible services.

The free data recovery software is secure, powerful and effortless. Within seconds, you will have your data back and no one needs to know what happened. The developers of EaseUS provide lifetime technical supports and upgrades free so that you will not have to worry about any kind of hidden charges.

The best thing about the data recovery software is that it will recover all the lost files from the memory card in three simple steps that have been listed below.

Three step procedure

  1. You have to launch the EaseUS data recovery software free on your device and then select the types of the files that you would like to recover. Select the option of Next to that we can proceed to the further steps.
  2. Now you have to select the memory card because you lost all the data from there and select the option of the scan.  You can select rapid or the deep scan mode. The data recovery software will present all the scanned files that were found in the memory card
  3. One the scan has been completed now you have the opportunity to preview all the files and select the ones that you would like to have. Now click on the option of recover to have the files back. In order to protect the device from data overwriting make sure that you store the files on a separate disk

Final verdict

If you have to commonly face such kinds of situations then you must get the free data recovery software as soon as possible. Apart from the memory card, it can recover the lost data from all other devices as well. You can recover all types of files from audio to videos and images with the help of data recovery software.