All Audio or Video devices doest support all media formats. Smartphones, tablets, PC , MP3 Players and other such devices doest support all the media formats. So when we get any audio file they basically comes in Mp3 or WAV format. So in order to play these sudio files in such devices we need to covert them to the required format.

FlicFlac audio converter

For this problem FlicFlac is the best Solution. FlicFlac is a Simple Drag and Drop audio file converter which converts any audio formats to FLAC, MP3, OGG or APE format simply by dragging the File to their Interface.

Supported Conversions

While Converting it doesnt consume much memory. While I was testing it took only 2836kb of Memory. And the conversation is very fast. It took only 25seconds to convert a 7MB MP3 File of 4minutes.

FlicFlac audio converter2

The Application supports in Window 7, Windows XP, Window Vista and Windows 8.

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