Everyone has problems with their photos, whether they are experts or amateurs. No matter how hard you try, the spontaneous pictures you take in a vacation or a party will not always have the proper contrast. Sometimes, the colors are not bright enough either. The close portraits may also display a pimple or a problematic spot, but then, this is what the image editors have been created for. Whether you want to correct some problematic aspects or you want to improve your pictures and add some extra factors, you need to know what exactly you should use, depending on your necessities. Most people automatically think about Adobe Photoshop, but this program is costly. Fortunately, there are numerous alternatives and some of them are even easier to use or may bring in more useful features.


PhotoFiltre is one of the special programs out there because it has some effects no other softwares have. The way it can help you modify your work is definitely unique. You may choose from an impressive list of photo filters and special effects. Besides, it is one of the few programs that provide support for the import and export of JPEG2000 files. There are situations when this is the one and only free alternative you may have.

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FotoTagger says everything about its benefits with the name. The tags are extremely useful, just like you can see on the most social networks today. Although you can use a series of programs to add some texts on a picture, it will always look unprofessional. With FotoTagger, you can add tags just like you see in magazines or comic books. You can either add the people in the picture or just write a few words about a picture or a landscape. All these features make it unique, but it is just as easy to use.

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As soon as your digital camera is connected to your computer, Picasa will transfer the latest images with just one click. It is a simple process that also allows you to remove the red eye effect or to improve the appearance directly from this program. You may also rename a particular set of photographies, just to make the whole organization easier. Another plus is the possibility to create a presentation with a musical background.

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With PIXresizer, resizing a picture doesn’t replace the original, but puts it in a special folder. It is not unusual to resize a picture and realize later that you picked a wrong size. With this program, you got multiple options. It may even find the most appropriate size for the contrast and brightness to be maximum. Besides, it can convert some formats, distribute the shadows, rotate the images and many others.

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Hornil StylePix

Hornil StylePix is a photo editor created for amateurs, but with advanced functions for professionals. You can draw, resize images, rotate them, correct some colors, add texts, cut them, make them clearer, remove the red eyes and plenty of other ideas. It is one of those programs you can barely find a minus to.

Hornil StylePix


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