A computer virus is a harmful program that can put your computer’s life at risk. These hazardous programs are intended to spoil system’s performance and steal confidential data. In addition, they possess the capability to replicate themselves on computers or through computer networks. Most of the computer viruses are spread through the files sent as attachments, or by peer- to- peer file sharing networks.

Apart from this, some of the worms directly infiltrate the system memory. All such unwanted programs can change the security settings and exploit network configuration issues. On the basis of the method which such viruses utilize to infect PCs, they can be classified into: – file viruses, macro viruses, script viruses, and boot sector viruses.

If research reports are to be believed, approximately 70% of PC users have reported to fall prey to harmful virus programs and have faced serious repercussions in the past few years. In order to overcome this stressful situation, it is recommended to use antivirus protection software. These antivirus programs quickly scan your PC for all the errors and fix them immediately.

Why free online PC virus scanner is considered as the best resource to protect your system against viruses and other online threats?

Once these malicious viruses enter your system, they can considerably slow down its processing speeds, remove critical and essential personal files and images. Nevertheless, in some worst scenarios these viruses even cause irreversible physical damage to your computer. Through powerful anti-virus software you can easily protect your system against 99.99 percent of known viruses.

An online PC/Computer virus scanner thoroughly scans your system. It immediately detects malicious spywares, malwares and other Trojans. Once you download a virus scanner on your PC, you can be rest assured about your important files. They will remain secure forever and won’t affect your personal or professional work ever.

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Some of the key features of antivirus protection software are:


A powerful free online pc virus scanner ensures immediate detection and removal of viruses, trojans, worms, annoying browser plugins, and other malevolent software. Hence, improve your system performance by downloading antivirus protection software.