Last week I came to know about a software named as Shutdown Timer. It is a great Application and one that i recommend.

This software allows us to automatically set time for logoff, hibernate, standby, restart, shutdown your computer whenever you want to do so.

If u r going outside and want to install some application in your PC then start the installation and assuming the time

to complete set the off time or restarting time as much as you want.

This also helpful to parents in allowing them a limited time to run a PC. The application can be minimized to the system tray and can be edited by double clicking the Icon.

It is a good utility tool which can be helpful for many people in saving time of waiting till the completion of the work and to save energy.

The main feature is that it does not take much RAM Memory while it is running or activated.

You can download the application for free. To download the application click below.


Now ShutDown As Fast As Possible Using This Application.

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