Social media plays a crucial role in a business’s marketing strategy because of its popularity. Millions of individuals use social media daily, making it the perfect place for marketing.

Social media marketing uses platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc., to promote a business. It includes making creative and unique ads that attract a target audience to its website using tools like a YouTube video editor.

There are several benefits of social media marketing. It helps in engaging with customers and makes your brand recognizable. It also creates more website traffic, where people could buy your products.

Having a Solid Social Media Strategy is Essential for Any Business in 2022

Social media marketing is the best strategy for your business. It allows a business to tell its story to its customers. Customers can relate to the business and its success more personally. It builds loyalty in customers because they relate to the product and the business.

The high popularity of social media makes marketing your product easier. Social media can get you a million views in a matter of hours of uploading a video. It is also cost-effective to market your business on social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.

Because of the benefits of social media, it can be assumed that your competitors have their own social media strategy. It is easier to analyze your competition through social media because business profiles are accessible to everyone.

Building Your Social Media Strategy on Different Platforms

Using multiple platforms for promoting products is a smart approach because it diversifies the marketing scope. Every social media platform is slightly different from the other, which can be used to your advantage.

Instagram, for example, retains viewers because of its short and entertaining videos. It also has stories and live features that can be used strategically. Stories can be used to notify new product releases, while the live feature can interact with customers.

Another example of a social media platform is YouTube. YouTube ads have a lot of marketing scope, and a creative ad can attract much attention. YouTube can host product reviews and video events to get the customer excited about your products. Product reviews mitigate customers’ risk when they buy your products online without physically seeing them.

Understand the Marketing Funnel

Knowing how to execute is essential after identifying the different platforms where you want to promote your business. The marketing funnel is a fundamental component of understanding marketing. It describes a customer’s journey from knowing about your brand to buying your products.

The marketing funnel is an effective tool to choose a goal for your marketing strategy. There are five elements to the marketing funnel – awareness, consideration, conversion, loyalty, and advocacy. Being one of the elements, awareness is important for a business to consider while planning a marketing strategy.

Social media is the best platform to increase brand awareness. New businesses focus on awareness when planning their social media strategies. Using online tools like a YouTube video editor further enhances the content.

Another element of the marketing funnel is interesting. When the customers discover a company of their interest, they look at the products and the business. Businesses can use customers in this stage to build a relationship with them. Social media can help with this. Businesses can use their profiles to seem relatable and provide info about their products to create a positive relationship.

Understanding the marketing funnel helps a business predict the mind of a customer. This information can be used to build a solid marketing strategy.

Create a Desirable Brand Persona

Understanding the customer’s mind through the funnel helps create a brand persona. A brand persona builds a personality and different traits for a business on social media. A business’s persona can help customers connect with their brand on a more personal level.

Having a brand persona is not a choice. There is typically no control over how the public associates with you. Without creating a persona of your own, customers will create their impressions for your business.

There is no guarantee that the impression will be a favorable one. By intentionally creating a persona, you have better control over what people think about your business.

Your business persona can range from caring and empathetic to sophisticated and elegant. Depending on your target audience’s desires, choose a suitable persona that connects with your customers. A good persona can be a long-term benefit, where customers strongly connect it with your brand.

Collaborate With Influencers

Influencers can use their popularity to promote and endorse your products effectively. Collaborations with influencers should be a part of your social media marketing. There are many benefits influencers can have on your business.

To customers, a person is far more relatable than a faceless business. Influencers can promote your products by connecting with your target audience. And because it is a relatable and popular person who endorses your product, conversions are guaranteed.

The fan following that influencers have based majorly on trust. So when influencers endorse your brand and its products, they immediately gain credibility in the eyes of their fans.

Create Unique Content

It is hard to stay relevant and popular on social media because everyone comes up with something new. With fresh content always getting the users’ attention, it is important to stay active on social media. Posting creative and unique content is important to get the users’ attention who are potential customers.

Following a specific theme for your profile can be one way to stay distinct. Constantly posting ads and videos based on your brand persona can help get viewers’ attention.

Planning online events and live videos frequently can get customers excited about your brand. Creating original content is an integral part of building a marketing strategy.


Building a balanced and structured social media strategy is vital with the pivotal role of social media in marketing. Understanding the marketing funnel and creating distinctive content can help you excel in your marketing goals.

Creating a persona can also help connect with your customers and build a good social media profile. Using a YouTube editor further enhances your content towards planning a robust business strategy.

Hopefully, this article has helped you learn how to develop a social media strategy at the beginning of the new year.