Can you play games which Requires high Graphics to Run? If No then this Post is for you. My friend brought a Beand New Game to
play in his Computer but when he tried to run the Game after installing it showed a black screen and was able to here the sound
only and nothing else. He asked me about it and I said that he has low VGA/Graphics Card thats why he is unable to play the

After that I searched the Internet about any method using which one will able to play a Game which requires High VGA in his Low
VGA laptop. And as usual I was success in finding the solution. The name of the Software is 3D Analyzer – Savior of Tommti

3D analyser is a Free Software that can Optimize the Graphics Card and the VGA Card so that you can play and enjoy High
Graphics Games.3D analyzer created and refined to overcome limitations posed by the modern games and other applications on
some mainstream current mainstream 3D Cards.

3D Analyzer sort of “trick” your system thinks it has a Nvidia, or ATI graphics card! Of course, games and applications will run in the
mode they usually will (with a standard graphics and such). If you have an Intel like my friend then you can now play games like
“Devil May Cry 3”, “The Witcher”, “Resident Evil 4” , “Call Of Duty 7, MW3” , “GTA4” and all new games. So use it to play games.
You can play with various options to play around with it, and get a different game.

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This is a Guest Post by Susanta Jena .

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