Now a days most of the People who use Internet usually have Unlimited Internet Packages where they can download anything they need within a Certain Speed Limit. But downloading stuffs have lots of Problems such as Speed, Resuming, restrictions etc. For all such problem Internet Download Manager is the Best solution for them.

In most of the office, colleges and Public WiFi networks have a Limit in their Downloading speed. And when you download something then it downloads with less speed then the limit. But when you use IDM then it pulls the Maximum download limit to download the file.

About Internet Download Manager-

IDM (Internet Download Manager) is not of the best downloading tool. Whether you use Slow Internet Connection or Fast Internet Connection, IDM can be used in both the case. You can Download files , can pause and resume files, can integrate with browsers so that files will be downloaded directly from IDM. IDM has claimed that it increases the Downloading speed upto 500%.


Supports all popular browsers such as Chrome, Firefox , Internet explorer etc.
– You can download Videos from various Video sharing sites such as Youtube, Myspace, metacafe etc.
– It increases the Downloading speed from 25% upto 500% from default browser downloading speed.
– IDM contains Site Spider and Grabber which helps you to download whole Webpage which can be viewed offline later.
– You can also categorize the file types which will be stored in different folders like Compressed, Documents, Music, Video and Programs.
– You can Customize the look of IDM by changing the Toolbar skins.
– You can also start Downloading files by Simply Drap-and-drop the Files.
– IDM Scans the Files using Antivirus and ad aware before Downloading the file.

Detailed Review-

Advanced Browser Integration – IDM has Advance browser Integration which means it can Download files directly from the browsers like Chrome, Firefox etc. It will automatically capture all the download links from the browser.


Download Pause/Resume-

You can always pause and resume the Download. It means if you want to turn off your laptop or your internet connection failed then IDM pause the Download and you can again resume the download from the same place. Is you have daily download limit then download the limit today, pause the download and again start the next day.

pause resume

IDM Personalized Interface-

You can change the Theme of IDM toolbar by Downloading and Installing the Themes. You can download from here.

idm interface

Flash Video Grabber-

IDM have this advance feature where you can download file directly from Video Streaming site likes Youtube, DailyMotion etc. When the video start on the Browser, IDM will show an option to Download it.


Site Logins Support-

There are some sites which needs login to Download files. You can log in to the site using IDM and download from it.


Connection Speed Selection-

You can optimize the Speed of IDM Downloading from here. You can select the internet speed and set a Limit it.


Proxy Support-

Some internet connections have Proxy servers, but you have no problem downloading with IDM. You can change the proxy setting and enjoy downloading.





Its really very Easy to Setup IDM. even a Layman with Minimum knowledge can easily Install IDM on his computer. The Default Configuration id Good for a Common user where Maximum Downloading speed is achieved.

If you want to use IDM then you can Either use it 30-days for Free and then Buy.