While you know it is important to keep your clients’ business premises clean each day, sometimes it is difficult to remember precisely what you want your janitorial staff to accomplish each day. You can approach it as a type of learning curve, which might cause confusion and disappointment for yourself and for your janitorial staff, but you can also consider other measures to streamline the process and make it simpler for everyone.


With the right approach, you can easily keep track of which restrooms for each business need a cleaning session and at what intervals each day, as well as by whom. Some companies might seek an outside consultant service to get everything on track, but you, with the right support system, can provide something that your client will appreciate since you will keep costs down and efficiency high.

Think about trying a janitorial software program to help you figure everything out and keep a clean building for the benefit of you and your clients. Even with smaller businesses, you want to make sure you cover all your bases and keep everything clean and pleasant for anyone on the premises, as well as making sure everything is always up to health code standards. You can always make sure that your janitorial staff is always on point and getting the job done at their respective job sites, especially if you have many facilities for which you are responsible.

One example of a company that offers a janitorial software program is CleanTelligent. With a company like this, as well as other companies that write and sell software programs for janitorial monitoring and efficiency, provide you with the peace of mind that your clients will enjoy a clean working environment each day.

With this type of software, you can make out a schedule and monitor the progress and how efficiently everything works then make changes as necessary. If you find that one staff member has strengths in cleaning one area over another, the software can help you see these trends and make the appropriate changes. Some of the basic services involved with the software include inspections, mobile surveys, work orders, job scheduling, reports, bidding and estimating, time tracking, inventory and facility managers.

When you use a janitorial software program, you might find so many benefits and good word-of-mouth that you see a boom in new business, mobility, employee retention, productivity, quality of work and, perhaps most importantly, client appreciation.

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