How long do you use your Computer a day? If you are using your computer for a long time then according to doctor it can cause  Computer vision syndrome (CVS) or Asthenopia. But you dont need to panic . I want to give you a software which will help you to get protected from those diseases .

The name of this app is F.lux.  It is a software which protects your eyes depending on sunrise and sunset it adjusts the colour temperature of your monitor.

Download F.lux from here-  F.lux . 

Now let me tell some cool features of f.lux:-

(1)If your doing any colour sensitive work you can disable it for one hour by checking on “Disable it for one hour” box.

(2)You can set your location by clicking CHANGE button on left side a pop up window opens and ask your location if you don’t know your location doesn’t matter you can locate it by clicking locate button.A window opens,type your location tats it your latitude and longitude will be set in that “Where i am”box.

(3)You can increase or decrease your transition speed.

F.lux is available in Windows, Mac and Linux.

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