The newest innovation in modern-day testing technology has actually caused business enterprises to look forward to making use of the advanced technology solutions that are produced utilizing agile methodologies instead of the good old methods.

Quick Insight into the Pros and Cons of Automated Software Testing Approach


The Idea behind Automation in Software Testing

Succeeding to locate the kind of software solution rendering company, which utilizes such testing methodologies, and controlling, the solution has always been one of the major objectives of most of the corporate firms. Detecting defects or bugs that leads to malfunctioning of the software products is actually a detailed procedure in software testing.

Automated software testing, which is one of the most widespread testing practices at present is one form of agile methodology that considerably reduces the total number of defects in the software products. Normally, people who are engaged in agile automation testing team work and try to discover any possible defects that might exist in the software well in advance, priorto the actual release date of the software solution, to be able to fix them in time.

The Most Stalwart Testing Solution, Though Equally Expensive Too!

This kind of testing service has been offered in the global market from many years, but still there are several companies, which are hesitant to make use of such services for their software testing procedures. Just like any other process, the advanced automation testing service has its own share of advantages, and disadvantages. All those business entrepreneurs, who are presently exploiting it for their normal software testing practices find it as one of the most stout testing solutions, while others finds it as slightly expensive and complicated.

The automation software testing starts by formulating a proper strategy on how to execute the check by uploading precise inputs, and standard instructions. Agile automation testing software carries out accurate assessment of the designed software suites, and produce reports revealing details of those suites that have prevailed over the faults along with particulars of those that have botched undesirably.

Zero Human Intervention Rules Out the Possibility of Human Errors


The final results of this kind of testing tools would be precisely accurate always, as it’s completely free from any kind of human intervention in producing the testing results. At present, there are several kinds of automation testing tools made available for the use of business organizations all over the globe, which includes QA Runand Robot Win Runner among others. As mentioned earlier, there are many merits, and demerits of the automated software testing; a few of them are discussed below in detail.

Benefits of Automation in Testing

The main advantage of automation in testing, which is presently considered as one of the best kinds of testing practices, is the fact that the final results generated are deadly accurate, since there in no human intervention at all. The likelihood of monotonous mistakes while carrying out the manual software testing is clearly zero with automated testing. Providing precise results on various software suits is completely assured.

The marginal mistakes are actually down to nil in the case of agile automation software testing. It is fairly a quick process, and saves a lot of time in contrast to manual software testing. The overall confidence of the business enterprise that makes use of such a testing service will obviously increase due to the generation of flawless software solutions.

The Downside

The major disadvantage of automated testing is the very fact that generating a debugging script after the completion of the testing procedure is an extremely difficult task. The tester, who performs automated testing needs to be highly experienced technocrat, otherwise the end result could be quite disastrous at times.

It is fairly expensive procedure as compared to the manual testing practice.

Lastly, documentation is yet another difficult task that generally requires more time, and efforts.

In a Nutshell

On the whole, agile automation software testing is both advantageous as well as disadvantageous.So, it’s up to the business owners to stick to the conventional manual testing approach or follow the latest agile automation testing process.

Author Bio – Criss Derek is an agile automation testing professional who has been working in the testing industry for past 6 years.

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