Electronic document diversity can create file compatibility issues which can take up a lot of time to solve, and we all know time is precious in business. People who use electronic documents as part of their business routine will acknowledge PDF as the most convenient among file formats for sharing data and avoiding these file compatibility issues. However, using the PDF opens up another issue: how to edit it?

Accounting managers, financial experts, data analysts and other business professionals are always interested in PDF manipulation tools that can help them improve their business performance and manage their time effectively. Luckily, there is a considerable number of conversion software for generating editable formats from PDF and vice versa on the market. However, business users’ PDF management needs usually exceed just converting PDF to editable file formats like MS Office, OpenOffice, AutoCAD or HTML. An average PDF users often needs to create PDFs and if possible, modify PDFs without converting them.

Investintech’s latest release of their primary PDF solution Able2Extract 9, recognizes this need as it offers all of these options: PDF creation, editing and conversion.

What makes Able2Extract distinctive?

Able2Extract 9 is a comprehensive, cross-platform software whose main strength lies in its simplicity, despite its rich features. Aside from several PDF conversion options that Able2Extract 9 offers, its users also have an option to create and secure their PDF files. This is important for confidential, business-purpose material.

When it comes to converting documents, Able2Extract 9 accurately converts PDFs into numerous editable documents such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, AutoCAD, Publisher etc. The number of conversions is limitless and they can also be customized, which is very helpful, especially for Excel users. And one of the tool’s best features is that people don’t have to be computer geeks to be able to use it, they should just follow the simple instructions shown inside the tip balloons in the application.

Convert PDFs to Editable Formats

Let’s see on a specific example how easy it is to use Able2Extract:

  1. First install the free trial version of the software.
  1. Open a PDF document you want to convert to an editable format.


  1. To extract a specific part of the document, click on Select Area. To convert the whole document, click on Select All.


You can also click on the Edit tab for more page selection options:


  1. Now click on the format you wish to convert your PDF into:


Able2Extract provides customization options for some PDF conversions. For examples, users converting from PDF to Excel will be prompted to choose between a simple, automatic conversion and custom conversion.


Click on Define and you’ll be able to further customize your document prior to conversion:


OCR with Able2Extract Professional

Able2Extract 9 comes in both standard and professional version. For someone who didn’t have a chance to use similar software before, maybe it’s better to start with the standard version. Keep in mind that it can be upgraded to a professional one at any time. For the more crafty and demanding business professionals, Able2Extract Professional 9 will definitely be a perfect choice. Like the standard, this software offers all the conversionoptions but it offers an additional feature that can turn out to be very helpful for people working with scanned documents. The OCR technology included in A2E Professional provides quality conversion of both scanned and native files.

For all who find Able2Extract 9 interesting after reading this review and want to take it for a free trial and enjoy converting their PDF files without cost for a whole week.