As an employer, it is necessary to get a handle on what your employees are doing when they are at work. Asides the fact that employees are known to be lazy, it is important to make sure you know what happens at their work stations as a part of company security and integrity.

Having said that it is important to realize that most work at the office now takes place on computer systems and is inextricably linked to the internet. So obviously, none of this monitoring and checking can be done manually anymore. Now the tool of choice (or need) for employers is computer and internet monitoring software. Here are the top 5 employee monitoring programs to help you get on your way and improve work quality and quantity at the office.

IMonitor EAM

This is IMonitor’s version of Employee Active Monitoring, hence EAM. This is a complete service pack which is designed to meet all your computer monitoring needs. The objective of this program is to make sure employees do not leak information, waste time on viewing illegal or pornographic content, harassing/blackmailing other colleagues amongst some. Now all of this is controlled with the help of the features that IMonitor is offering such as tracking web browsing activities, emails, documents, file transfers and also the use of removable storage devices.

Pearl Software Echo Suite-

This program basically prides itself on some good monitoring, filtering, and control features. Its tracking abilities include a lot of activities such as web browsing, file transfers, chat boxes, instant messenger services, as well as web based email and company email accounts. This is applicable for remote employees as well. Further, it blocks keywords and phrases hence preventing certain information from leaking from any communication tool.

Work Examiner-

This software is unique that it manages to incorporate different techniques into one package for work improvement related employee monitoring objectives. It includes all the basic monitoring and filtering features so that employees are forced to stick to work and work only. Other than that, the best part is that the program monitors the sites that employees visit and how much time they spend there as well, making it easier to assess their work and time management abilities.

Spector Soft-

This program gives varying options of monitoring for various users. For instance, those who wish to use it for home use, to check up on a small business, or to monitor employees in a large enterprise, can all find options which best suit their needs and can purchase those features. For the smaller organizations, the program offers single PC monitoring packages and network based applications for multiple computer monitoring. Further, you can use their remote monitoring solution and check up on employees through any computer or smartphone.

Nester Soft Work Time-

This program can be used by virtually all. The software owner’s claim that the program has been tried and tested and can support and monitor up to more than 5000 computer systems of a single company or organization. Asides from the run of the mill expected features, Nester Soft Work offers reporting functions which can help companies in their overall employee and worker trend analysis, for example, by showing which are the most popularly visited sites by the entire workforce.

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