Which OS do you use in your Computer? If you are using Windows 7 then this Post is for you. Now days there are lots of Softwares which work in Windows 7 and there are many PC and Laptops which doesnt support Windows XP more. But there are many fans of Windows XP a lot for its looks and its interface. Its very difficult to find a Windows XP . Some of love the look of Ubuntu but we dont want to install in our computer because all those works which we want to do can be donw in Windows 7.
But it is possible to get the Look of Windows XP Vista and Ubuntu in youw Windows 7 Computer. By using some application it is possible to get the Look and Feel of Windows XP , Vista and Ubuntu as well in yout Windows 7 Comupter.

Let me explain How to get these Look in Windows 7.


Windows XP look in Windows 7

Windows XP is the First OS which I have used ever and till 2009 I was using windows XP and while I tranfered to Windows 7 it was bit difficult because windows XP was more userfriendly than Windows 7.

Install the Application named as XP Skin Pack which is a Free pack by SkinPacks . After installing and Configuring just restart your computer and you will get Windows XP look in your Computer.

Download Pack- 7 to XP


Windows Vista look in Windows 7

Windows Vista was the version which was released after Windows XP and as it was not user friendly it was not choosen by the users. But some people love the Look of Windows Vista . But no Problem we can get the same look and feel of Windows Vista in Windows 7 PC.

To install Windows Vista theme you need to install the Pack which you can download from the given link. After installing simply restart your Computer and you will get the look of Vista.

Download Pack- 7 to Vista


Ubuntu look in Windows 7

Ubuntu is a free distributed OS which is available for free for everyone. This OS is not used by many of my friends because they think that everything can be done in Windows. If you want to know get the look of Ubuntu at Windows 7 then install the Theme given below and restart and you will get Ubuntu look.

Download Pack- 7 to Ubuntu


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