Use Windroy to Emulate Android on your Windows 8 & 7

As Android is growing in the market, everyone want to use it as there are tons of free apps available in the Play store. Previously we posted about Bluestacks, the most popular Desktop Android Emulator. But sometime bluestack stuck while using it on Windows 8 PC.

How to Show My Computer in Windows 8 Desktop?

The beautiful Windows 8 is finally available at a very reasonable and lucrative price. If you’ve upgraded your system to Windows 8, you probably have noticed that apart from start menu and hot-corners, there are various little changes happened around especially at Windows 8 Desktop. A similar major change that probably everyone has noticed is […]

System Management and Maintenance in Windows 8

A new environment, a new way of maintenance. How to Windows 8 as an IT professional to manage? To begin with, we are particularly curious about the overall performance of the new operating system. We can be brief. Windows 8 continues the line of Windows 7 on and enhances the performance of our test system. We start noticeably […]

Win a copy of Windows 8 Pro : Diwali Giveaway [Closed]

Windows 8 is Finally out, and Diwali is Coming , So here we are going to give you a Chance to Win a Copy of Brand New Windows Operating System , The Windows 8 Pro to one of our Lucky Reader. This is the First Giveaway provided by RIGHTyaLEFT. You can get the Details of Windows 8 from […]

Does a single User Interface Match All? A Sensitive Windows 8 Issue

It continues to be noticed no matter if companies and customers want touch-interaction in numerous gadgets, said expert “Sarah Rottman Epps”, but she described that there’s also other Windows 8 interaction ways, like keyboard with touch, which Microsoft is championing. Rotman stated she discovered Windows 8’s touch screen/keyboard combination appealing. About a minute just after […]

Get Windows 8 look in Windows XP

Till date Windows XP is the Most Popular and Most Widely used Operating System in the World. There are a lot of Tweaks and Tricks to Customize Windows XP. Previously I have posted about how to transform to Ubuntu , Tango Phoneand Christmas Theme . By using Windows XP you can the Feel and Look of Windows 8 easily. It […]

All About the Versions of Windows 8

Most of us are waiting for the Release of Windows 8 but as there were different versions of Windows XP , Vista and 7 such as Professional, Home Basic, Ultimate and other, what versions will windows 8 will have? Many of my friends have asked this Question and finally I got its answer.

What Antivirus Should we Use in Windows 8 ?

Many of my Friends have already installed Windows 8 OS had they are also happy with the new features in it. Yesterday I have installed Windows 8 in my Laptop but it Showed me a warning that my antivirus which I am using (McAfee Antivitus). Ignoring that I have installed Windows 8 but later I […]

Get Back the Start Button in Windows 8

Previously I have posted that We cannot find the Start Button in Windows 8. We can also see that from the Consumer Preview of Windows 8. But now StarDock has made it Possible to get back the Start Button Back in Windows 8.

Have a Look on Windows 8 Consumer Preview [Download]

Most of us use Microsoft Windows as our Default Operating System. Microsoft has been working on its upcoming Operating system named as Windows 8 and now a Windows 8 Consumer Preview is Available for download by which user can experience some features of Windows 8 . 

MicroSoft Redesigned the New Logo for Windows 8

Software Giant MicroSoft has finally redesigned the new Logo for the Upcoming Windows 8 PC. You will now see the Old multicolored Waving Flag Logo in the Microsoft in any upcoming Microsoft Products. The Old Multicolored Waving Logo was continuously redesigned since 1992. And finally the new logo has arrived with a Brand new Design and Charm.

Microsoft is Removing 18yr Old Start Button in Windows 8

Microsoft has removed the “Start Button” in the Upcomming Version of windows , i.e Windows 8 , this is according to the comsumer Preview release this week. The Start Button was first made in Windows 95 , 18years ago which was added in the buttom left of the Task bar.     All windows user […]