Top 5 Free Cloud Storage to Store and Backup Data

In 2013 Cloud Computing has been the Top Platform as you can Share , Collaborate projects and data online and can be accessed from a wide verity of Devices. One can store data on the Cloud, run it directly from the cloud servers without installing anything on your Computer. Some examples of Cloud Computing services […]

15+ Tips that I suggest to Save Battery Life for Longer Usage

I use a Dell Inspiron 15R laptop which usually runs for 3 hours on Battery,but you will not believe but my Laptop will run more than 4 hours on Battery once it isĀ fully charged. My friends usually ask for tips to increase Laptop Battery efficiency. Now I have decided to list some of the Basic […]

8 Free Backup Tools for Windows

Data loss due to Hard Disk Crash / corrupt is a Basic problem for all the computer users. There are many Important Files and documents which must be kept in a safe and secure place so that cannot get lost.